The Garden Days in October 2017

At Beervelde there are two types of juries to encourage the exhibitors and to thank them for all their efforts.

The Ladies Jury

Veerle Aelterman, Martine Piens,Pia Deschepper, Lieve Staute and Caroline de Kerchove. 

The ladies jury will take notice of the ambiance picture and the way the exhibitors pitch fits into the "Guidelines". These guidelines make sure that this event is always as attractive and pleasant as possible.

There are 4 types of prices to give away: the small bronze ribbon, the big bronze ribbon, the silver ribbon and the golden ribbon.

The Botanical Jury

Thanks to the support of the Ghent Floraliën there is jury for the breeders. They give distinction to those which they found exeptional. This could be for something new or to crown a collection, or maybe just something that drew there attention. 

The president of the Botanical Jury is Mr. Ivo Pauwels.

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