Beervelde is first and foremost a plant fair. In Beervelde, we want to put you in touch with specialists of all possible categories garden plants such as: a-and biennials, perennials, bulbs, rock garden, alpine plants, terrace plants, trees, shrubs and roses & less courante plants for example.

Our interest also goes to everything that has to do with the Garden: flower arranging, Garden architecture, garden tools, Garden clothing, garden furniture, garden ornaments, Garden books and magazines, Garden antiques, Garden cottages, animals in the garden, life in the garden ... but always in a limited degree to obtain an interesting mix.

 And finally, to make the walk as pleasant as possible for those visitors whom have no garden, we always keep some places free for participants with very diverse interests such as art, decoration, fashion or gastronomy.

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Modeaccessoires - May 2018
Beauloye, Florence (standnummer : 328)
Ontwerper & vervaardiging van Haute Couture juwelen.
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Bijoux Lavault Paris (standnummer : 720)
Juwelen vervaardigd op basis van echte orchideeën
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Fine & Ly (standnummer : 338)
Hoeden uit Frankrijk
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Hey Bisco (standnummer : 131)
Life-style en outdoor kleding
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Vuurkorf, Art of paper (De - ) (standnummer : 233)
Creatief boekbinden, papieren juwelen, curiosa, wol, eigen gemaakte kraagjuwelen en sjaals
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Wendy's Collection (standnummer : 448)
Eigen creatie dameshoeden - italiaanse hoeden & accessoires
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