The Domain

Wall paintings in the basement corridors of the old Castle of Beervelde.

First of all a little interpretation of how this project came about.

At the base of the wall paintings are there two facts:

  1. Count Charles de Kerchove de Denterghem had three sons. Halfway through the golden sixties they were about sixteen to twenty years old and they wanted a private recreation area for their friends and acquaintances. For that purpose the old cellars were excellent. Father Charles had agreed and he was even willing to contribute. "life is a game", he said and he would even come along to play.

  2. One day Count Charles visited in Brussels the Centre for fine arts with an exhibition of the work of Roger Raveel. He was fascinated by the themes and the, for that time, unusual and fresh approach of the artist. Suddenly the count knew what he wanted for project: he wanted to show his sons and their friends the beauty of art. Thus was born the idea to paint a part of the wall in the basement whit a painting. The count saw in Raveel the suitable man for the job.

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At the first meeting, on site on 3 May 1966, Raveel suggested to paint the basement corridors in cooperation with three young and kindred spirits artists: Raoul De Keyze, Etienne Elias and Reinier Lucassen. The count agreed. He had also definite wishes and in consultation with the artist came the following imperatives relating to the implementation:

Visitors to the cellar should have the impression that they are in the middle of the artwork, this makes it possible to be able to take an active part in the art itself. A painting is a 2 dimensional picture. Here the basement corridors concerned are in their entirety in the murals. The artists use the width. But there is more: they add a fourth dimension, namely the involvement of the visitor wich makes it mandatory to experience the artwork. They succeeded in doing that. 

The optical effects gave the impression that the course looks more broadly than in reality.

The paintings must form a harmonious part with the park. From any place in the corridor you should be able to see a fragment of the domain.

Raveel gets the full freedom and begins with the realization of the project on 2 september 1966, it was completed in March 1967.

Guided tour of the cellar of Raveel

The cellars themselves are located in the villa of count de Kerchove. Only guided visits are allowed. For these visits, we ask that the groups (max. 15 people) are not too large. Otherwise we'll have to split up the groups.. The tour is usually provided by Mr. de Kerchove itself. The price for all this is € 5 per person and takes about 30 to 45 min.



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