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Overnight in the Park of Beervelde


You want to organize an activity in Beervelde Park and  your guests wishes  to stay overnight in the neighborhood?  Or are u in need of a space, during your event, where the children can play or where the grandparents can withdraw from the hustle and bustle? Or do you want just a space where you can rest ? 

Beervelde Park offers you the possibility to rent an apartment that is located on the courtyard. This apartment can accommodate up to 8 persons and is fully equipped. The next morning you will awake in all tranquility and at the breakfast table, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the park.

Overnight stays are only possible if they are linked to an activity in the Park.

In the price is included a generous breakfast  that will be delivered in the morning. We also provide you with the necessary bed linen and towels for your stay.

If you wish to make a reservation, please contact us on + 32 (0) 9 356 81 82 or via

Spend the night at the Holiday Inn Express Gent

This hotel offers the guests of events that take place in the Park van Beervelde a special arragement:

  • -10% discount on their flexible daily price
  • Breakfast and Wi-Fi Internet access included
  • 24/7 reception available
  • Shuttle service possible
  • different room types possible

A tour of the apartment

The apartment is located on the courtyard of the Coach House and has two floors.

The entrance

Here you go along the stately staircase to the first floor.

If you have requested breakfast in the morning, it will be diliverd in the hall by our catering.

The living room

This living space is the perfect place if you wish to relax and it has a beautiful view on the Park itself. The sofa is equipped with a sofa bed and is suitable for up to two people.

The dining room

Up to 4 people can enjoy their breakfast in the dining room or u can read a book from the library.

The kitchen

The kitchen is fully equipped and can hold several people for breakfast and has of course a beautiful view on the Park.

The attic room

This room is ideal if there are children in your company. It is equipped with two single beds and there is still plenty of space for placing a cot.

The master bedroom

The master bedroom is located on the second floor.

This master bedroom is a spacious room with the necessary charm. It is equipped with a King-size bed, a desk and dressing table. It is the room for the newly married couple.

The red room

This cosy room is equipped with two single beds and offers a view of the Park.

The bathroom

The bathroom has two sinks, a shower and a toilet. The classic bathtub on legs gives it an extra touch.


All the credits for these pictures go to Lut Laureys, our house photographer. We can not thank her enough ...

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