Hey Bisco

Standnummer : 131

Kees van Barneveld

Tsjerkebuorren 3-5
NL 8621 BH Heeg Nederland
Telefoon: +31 (0)515 442 647
GSM: +31 (0)621 644 760



As a trading-business Hey Bisco originated in the early 90’s and coming from a Dutch emigrated family, the Heij descendants. Travelling up and down to Tasmania, the first Aussie products brought to Holland were the leather hats and oilskin dusters.

At first in a hobby-like manner it soon evolved into a professional company providing a full assortment in outdoor fashion and ancillary,but tipical Australian products like boomerangs and roadsigns.

Nowadays run by Kees and Harmke van Barneveld attending all sort of events ranging from fancy concours hippiques, consumer shows in the field of garden- and leisure products to life-style events and country-fairs.

  • Was aanwezig op de Tuindagen van Mei 2017
  • Was aanwezig op de Tuindagen van Oktober 2017
  • Wordt verwacht op de Tuindagen van Mei 2018

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