The paintings of Roger Raveel

Murals in the basement hallways of the old castle of Beervelde

The origin of the murals:

  1. Count Charles de Kerchove de Denterghem had three sons. Halfway through the golden sixties they were about sixteen to twenty years old and they wanted to have their own recreation room to receive their friends and acquaintances. The old cellars were ideally suited for that purpose. Father Charles agreed and he was even willing to do his part. "Life is a game", he said, and he would play in it himself.
  2. One day Count Charles visited an exhibition in Brussels, in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, of the work of Roger Raveel. He was fascinated by the themes and the artist's unusual and fresh way of working. The Count wanted to show his sons and their friends the beauty of art. So the idea arose to have the walls painted in the basement. The count found in Raveel the suitable man.

At the first meeting in Beervelde, on May 3, 1966, Raveel proposed to completely paint the basement hallways in collaboration with three young and kindred artists: Raoul De Keyser, Etienne Elias and Reinier Lucassen. The Count agreed. He also had definite wishes and in consultation with the artist, the following imperatives were connected with the implementation:

  • Visitors to the basement must have the impression that they are staying in the middle of the artwork, giving them the opportunity to actively participate in art themselves. Normally a painting is a two-dimensional scene. Here the basement hallways are fully involved in the murals. But there is more, they added a fourth dimension, namely the involvement of the visitor through which he is obliged to empathize with the art. Job well done.
  • Optical effects should give the impression that the hallways are more spacious than in reality.
  • The murals and the Park must be harmonious. From any place in the hallway one must be able to observe a fragment of the domain.

Raveel gets full freedom and starts with the realization of the project on September 2, 1966. It was completed in March 1967.


The Raveel tour is for groups only and is provided by our regular guide. The maximum number of persons per guided tour is 15. Larger groups are split up. The tour lasts about 30 minutes.

  • The price for a group of less than 15 people is € 150
  • The price for a group of 15 to 30 people (2 guides) is € 220
  • The price for a group of 30 to 45 people (3 guides) is € 290

During the winter months, we offer the possibility to complement the visit with a short introduction and commentary in Beervelde Park (duration 30 minutes).

  • The price for a group of less than 15 people is € 55
  • The price for a group of 15 to 30 people (2 guides) is € 80

There is also the possibility to combine this tour with a guided walk through the Park.

Raveel in De Standaard 8 januari 2021